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Companies that have contributed

Program Funding

"In 50 years no matter what type of car you drove, what kind of house you lived, How much money you have in your bank account or the appearance of your clothes. But the world can be a little better because you were important in the life of a child "

J. J. Roca, S. A. (1998-2002)

The Reserve Bank of Dominican Republic (1999)

Sodocal (1997)

Bon Ice Cream (1998)

TRICOM (2006)

Popular Dominican Bank (2006)

Viamar, C. X A. (2006)

Fuentes Services (2006)


Dr. Cesar Pina,
President Legal Consultant (1997)

Alfredo Pacheco, President of the
Chamber of Deputies (2002-2006)

Embassy of Canada
(Canadian Fund
To The Local Initiatives (FCLI) (1998)

Minister of the Presidency (1999)

Dominican Postal Institute (1999)

Dominican Agrarian Institute (1992)

Commissioner for the Reform and Modernization of Justice (1998)

Public Defender Program (1999)

Santa Maria Radio School (1999)

National Council for Children (CONANI)

Education Ministry

Institutions's People
Lissette Lizardo

Mr. Modesto Guzman

Mr. Bienvenido Silfa Cabrera

Hector Bienvenido Capellán

Dr. José Francisco García Lara, Coronel P.N.

Dr. Secundino De Los Santos Brito, Coronel P.N.

Crescencio Hernandez Jaquez, General, P.N.

Dr. Zacarias Payano

Mr. Leandro Alexis Peña

Fanny Pons

Thank you very much, wholeheartedly, on behalf of members and leaders of "Amigos Del Mundo Inc". God help you! Without you, we would not have been able to begin this work as beautiful as the young rescue rejected by their antisocial behaviors.
Hasta siempre !!!!!!

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