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Fundación Amigos Del Mundo Inc.

by the investigator Húmbar Alcántara
It will be on sale soon.
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This is the time when children and adolescents in the Sector "The Trinity" of Villa Mella, enjoy and recreate making "dance" tops.

Almost all boys have their little tops, some "carts" and other "soft."

They will entertain with juggling toy that's hot.

Enjoy this video!
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Coming Soon
¿Y Ahora Qué? by Yorik Piña,.
Reasons, consequences and prevention of childrens and adolescents delinquency behavior.

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Amimundo's Mail

Do you have Trouble with your children?
Children take more atention to friends than to his parents?
They do not obey?
Do not going to school?

Know the "Detoxification Programs And Rehabilitation Of Addicted To Psychotropic Substances" and the one of "Unwanted Behavior Modification" Clicking here

"Friends Of The World", is a project Aimed at children, adolescentes and youth between, not less than 8 years neither older than 22, in order to Prevent our children and young adolescents from becoming social monsters. To that end, our programs are designed to cope with the problems Affecting Latin American society:

" Drug Abuse,
" Crime
" Other vices
" Others antisocials behavior

Shares of "Friends Of The World" ., are aimed at Developing:
o Habit reflection
o Career Guidance
o Teaching forms of behavior as social entities and individuals in transition to adulthood.

In this sense the basic components of the project intend, by studying the training, to cover the side areas of socioeconomic development, such as:
o Education,
o Health
o Culture,
o Sports,
o Recreation
o Development of micro enterprises.

Click here to register, on line:
Personal Growthing Program (PCP)
Against Drug Consumption Program, PCP)
Crime Prevention Program (PCP)
Indecuate Behavior Modification Program (PR)
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