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"Friends Of The World" appreciates, greatly, the insertion of volunteers in the different sectors of the National District, in province of Santo Domingo and each other provinces, municipalities, sections and "parajes" in Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the speaking world in order to organize, in the community where they lives, Districts of "Friends Of America." to insert children, adolescents and youth sector in the various programs of the Foundation and establishing, in more or less a near future, healthy men and women, WHICH IS THE SAME AS SAYING: happy men and women.

To create a district requires three leaders: A District Director, a Secretary We Need a District Director, a Secretary and a District Treasurer. These leaders are appointed by the National Direction or Superior Council of "Amigos Del Mundo Foundation Inc", in the Dominican Republic.

The district director may start up his activities, even when the secretary and treasurer were not designated. The Director will recommend to the Superior Council about of the appointment of the other two leaders.

The Director represents the District. The Secretary handles correspondence and everything that has to do with affairs office and the Treasurer custody economic resources and assets that may possess. All decisions made by the district should be taken by simple majority. We recommend the consensus.

The members of the District can create an internal regulation that does not contravene the Statutes of the Foundation and will be done according to regulations of the country concerned. This regulation shall be submitted to the Higher Council for ratification. Each of the members of the District will fill the appropriate form. .

The District represents Friends Of America in the community where it is created.

The District Director, if he wishes, may place a sign of the District at home or in an appropriate location. It need not be very large.

The main task of the District is: to recruit the largest number of children, adolescents and youth in the community, between 8 and 19 years in the "Personal Growth Program or From Prevention Of Crime, Drugs And Other Vices, On Line ".

Other activities suggested to the District are:

Ask the public and private organizations to donate computers to give to families who do not have the ability to acquire these, in order that their children have access to the programs offered by the foundation.

The resources available to it the District will seek to:

Paying for schooling for poor partners.
Ask the industrialists and businessmen of the community, the donation of the necessary equipment .

Organize recreation clubs in the area.
Fill out the insertion of members of the District in crafts courses and fine arts.
Help parents of very poor partners to cover part of the diet (Cases of food)
Locate the sector and invite personalities to contribute with Programs Friends of the World Inc.

Program activities are executed by the parents or guardians of the partner, never the leaders of the District. It's not healthy to be executed by strangers.

Amimundo suggest exercises and activities, parents and teachers will implement them. The formation of a child is a work of parents and teachers second.

This program attempts to integrate the family. We are giving reasons, arguments to the parents, through the program, to offer quality time to their children.

Son: "Protecting yourself is to give you my time, my effort, my care and my heart"


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Complete the form for volunteers "Friends Of America" below and get ready to work for the mental health of young people in your community, providing guidance on how parents should educate their children.

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