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PCP On Line


Only for children, adolescents and youth between 8 and 19 years old.

General Concepts
This is an activity for children, adolescents and youth, between 8 and 19 years, to be executed, along with parents, teachers or guardians of each partner (as) in this program.

We suggest they cluster around a computer, a specific day each week (we recommend on Monday) with the objective that the affiliates and parents explain, to others, the contents of the program. (If you are over 18 years is not necessary to explain the contens of the program, unless there is confusion). In this first meeting, choose the day of the week which will take effect this activity.

Parents will supervise those under 18 years, in order to, comply with the activities and exercises suggested, through the whole process. People aged 18 years and older do not need supervision, provided they have the maturity required for that age. If it is not the case, will be monitored.

If for any reason, can not fulfill the tasks of the program in the agreed day, they'll wait until the same day of the next week.

Click here to see the first unit of the Program or PCP-1

Application Methods:
The program consists of 55 units or PCP. These units are scheduled to be sent to your email on the scheduled date. If you change your e-mail, let us know one week in advance to execute the necessary corrections.

Upload a photo 2x2, via email socios@amimundo.org to make the carnet that certifies you as a partner in this program.

By completing the activities and exercises in this program you'll receive a certificate that certifies you are an adult.

Attention Parents:
Parents and teachers should be careful not to associate the activity with events that will appeal to adults, should be careful not to choose activities that are pleasing to them, but for children, adolescents or young people involved in this training activity.

After the meeting, which should last no longer than 1 hour and 1 ½, the parents, with their children, will attend to the movie or will eat ice cream or will attend a dinner, a movie to the liking of the partners or visit any enjoyable place.

Parents know their children. They know what causes pleasure to them , what pleases them most. You need reward them. The fights, corrections and, punishments, We suggest leave them for another day. Do not associate this activity with displeasure. This is absolutely necessary.

Click here to see the first unit of the Program or PCP-1


Affiliates who receive PCP units monthly or fortnightly, will meet their parents on Mondays of each week.

Affiliates who receive bi-monthly PCP units will meet their parents the first and third Tuesday of each month.

The partners receive quarterly PCP units will meet with parents the 4th. Tuesday of each month.

The program consists of 55 units or PCP. The personal activities and the group activities, that we recommend, will be part of your personality. You need to continue the previous exercises and previous activities, even when be change in each PCP unit.

Each unit opens with an ID and password. We will send you in the date that initiate each of the periods or units. If not, you can use the previous one. Copy and paste the ID and the password. The unit or PCP contains personal activities and group activities that are recommended in the program. These are:

"Theme" and "To Grow"
These are personal activity or exercises are performed by partners (as) the program. When running with ease, you may not have made a significant contribution in their personal development. When, on the contrary, it has been difficult to enforce, is a sign that, with these actions will achieve personal growth. (Parents will pay close attention to this detail)

Personal Activity: (Repeat for 10 PCP or shipments. Are long-term tasks). This is a (Repeat for 10 unit or PCP. Are long-term tasks). This is a series of activities which benefit the environment somehow. It is a great benefit for our affiliates. They learn to appreciate the values of conservation of the world. We can get the elevation of self-esteem in our affiliates.

Group Activity: (Repeat for 10 PCP. Are long-term tasks). This is a series of (Repeat for 10 units or PCP. Are long-term tasks).
This is a series of activities to implement them with classmates, friends in the sector, clubs, cultural activities, courses, etc.).School Activity: Consists of short tasks that will serve the member (a) to achieve more

School Activity: Consists of short tasks that will serve the member (a) to achieve Consists in little tasks that will serve the affiliates to achieve more knowledge and therefore personal growth.

OTHER. Reading A Paragraph Of Urbanity
On this occasion, the partners and the members may, reading through the short fragments of urbanity , be sure of how to behave in different situations they may encounter.

Group Notices: notices that are sent to specific groups of partners that any noti
That are sent to a specific groups of partners.

General Notice:
There are notices that we send to all program partners

Orientation, Referral And Therapy Center::
It is a unit of the "Friends Of The World" (AMIMUNDO), which offers its services to members who may need it, if they suffer or may suffer from problems in school, anxiety, depression, conduct antisocial, obsessive behaviors, problems with parents, problems with addictions.

Click here to see the first unit of the Program or PCP-1

Program Performance Report:
We have prepared a web site: http://pcponline.informe.com where everyone in the family, they may make their comments on the activities and exercises that are reflected in each of the units or PCP, in the program.

The partners should make the relevant Comment and the relevant exercises consigning the corresponding PCP (PCP1, PCP2, PCP3, etc.).

Those reports are absolutely required for professionals in the conduct of PCP On Line, in order to can follow up the achievements of the inserts.

The partners will provide the comments that have been made, what has been easy, what has been difficult, and when they have had to ask for help.

Parents will make their comments on issues or topics that they are helping their children on the program and everything they believe can assist, not only their children but the entire community of PCP On Line.

Parents do not have to put their name in the form. Before starting the commentary, simply write "father" "mother" "tutor ", etc..

To enter this site requires an ID and password. The partner can register on their own but can not access the website until "PCP On Line", accepts its input. That may take a few days.

Awards For Best Execution:
This prizes are organized, from unit 10 (PCP# 10). The awards will be made taking into account the quantity, quality, originality and the help and guidance that the comments of the member or his family has been provided to the community of PCP On Line, and the evaluation of performance form.

Within 30 days, begins to fill, along with your parents or older siblings, the implementation of the common form. It is necessary that your parents or older siblings participate in the filling the form, still you are 18 years old or more. When fully filled, click the "Send" button.

Fill out the form below insertion to receive the Personal Growth Program and Crime Prevention, on line.
Residents in the territory of the Dominican Republic only have to fill out the form. IS NOT REQUIRED ANY DONATION. THE PROGRAM IS FREE FOR RESIDENTS ON THE ISLAND OF SANTO DOMINGO.

Date of registration*:
Birth date*:
Does he lives with you?*:
Does he lives with you?:

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