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Personal Growth (PCP)


Translation's Supervision: Marco Boggio

Who We Are?

"Friends Of The World" (Amimundo) is a permanent project, designed for children and youth as a stratum of the population in transition that requires special attention. With them, like it or not, we will build today, tomorrow's society.

The main objective of "Friends Of The World" is to increase the comprehensive development of its partners, through non-formal education, across the basic conditions that are in their environment, socio-economic development and psychological development in order to contribute in the teaching-learning process and promote the incorporation of these into production. Our young people should play an important role in our society in the immediate future.

Our Programs:
The Programs offered to children, adolescents, youth and their parents in all the world are:
Unwanted Behavior modification Program,
"Personal Growth Program",
"Program Against Drug Consumption",
"Crime Prevention Program".

These programs are a project aimed at age groups, not under 8 or over 19. We intend to involve our partners in production programs and services that help improve not only their quality of life, but also to promote the basic conditions that foster their personal and community development.

The programs target is to cope with the problems affecting Latin American society: drug addiction, crime and other vices that, daily, involve the youth of our country.

In this sense the basic components of the project, intended to cover the side areas of socioeconomic development, such as education, health, culture and recreation, small businesses, across from:


Parents must enroll their children in centers where they will participate in different sporting activities. Sports, not only does not make our children grow up, but it is one of the most formidable accessories to achieve it.

The partners, residents in the province of Santo Domingo and the National District, should be referred to practice sports at "Centro Olimpico Juan Pablo Duarte" where the following sport programs are offered: basketball, baseball, swimming, diving, athletics, tennis, karate, judo, weightlifting, chess, wrestling, etc..

Fine Arts:
Fine Arts help develops the basic conditions for being an adult. Parents ensure that their children attend schools prepared for those purposes in their community.

Our affiliates, who reside in the National District and Santo Domingo Province, can attend an art school sponsored by the Dominican government in those comunities, through the Ministry of Culture.

Parents should always know where their children are and whom they are with. It is important to be an active participant, during the development of the program so that they could acquire the ability to live in freedom, independence and happiness within the community. This activity reinforces the family bond. It is absolutely inappropriate for children and adolescents to attend this type of activity without, at least, a responsible adult accompany them.

Craft activity is one of the best methods we use to raise the esteem of our children and youth.

It is a part of the objectives to achieve, both personal growth program and the rehabilitation program.

Craft schools are important to our children so they will be able to observe things that are around them. They need to feel that they are an important part of our community. They will nurture their skills if we ensure that they are artisans. Not necessarily for live of it. It is important to learn to do useful things.

They will nurture their skills if we ensure that they are artisans. Not necessarily for live of it. It is important to learn to do useful things.

Technical Training:

Society is crying out for technical training for their youth. This activity aims to develop "capacity for action in the world around us."

Let us make the sincere efforts for our young men and women to be trained for their future roles in the community.

This activity will help them, enormously, to achieve success in their future endeavors.

The affiliated residing in the National District and Santo Domingo Province are refer to the Vocational Technical Training Institute (INFOTEP)

Training Studies
The immediate problem is to undertake a formative study of the personality of the affiliated, who make the effort to know himself, in order to be sincere himself. The ability to be honest with oneself is absolutely necessary to achieve any kind of knowledge.

The parents of our partners, on line, shall forward the results of a personality assessment that it must be applied to their child. (Any psychometrist, in the place where he lives, has the capacity to do so). In the Dominican Republic, please contact Amimundo Inc. For this purpose, are given a 50% discount..

"Friends Of The World" (AMIMUNDO) aims to lead the learning processes through training studies, understanding that education is a critical support for the future adult.
This is, first, to teach young people to use a constructive view to know himself, emphasizing the ability of understanding and adoption of appropriate behavior to the wide variety of situations to face up in the reality world of adults.

Rehabilitation Program: To apply, now, to adolescents and youth who have fallen victim to crime and other vices, moreover apply to juvenile offenders who operate or have operated in gangs or youth gangs.

Amimundo is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) whose overall objective is to develop in its members the basic conditions for being an adult:
1.-confidence and assertiveness.
2.-Ability to create groups of affection and demonstrate creativity.
3 .- Ability to act in the world around us, and
4 .- Awareness of individuality.

Finding a Job:
(Only in Dominican Republic)
"Friends of World" will try to find a job for affiliates, when they turn 18 years old, through "The Employment Board" of the Ministry of Labor of Dominican Goverment.

Orientation and Psychological Assessments:
This service is offered at "Orientation, Referral and Therapy Center" (CENTERA), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The parents of our international partners will ensure that their children are well advised by conduct professionals in his country.

108 Exercises for Personal Growth:
These are served by "PCP On Line", through website http://www.pcp.amimundo.org
These exercises are accompanied by an urbanity reading. Parents should take care to monitor their children in order to run the drills and activities set out in each of the units.

Application Methods:

  • By "Friends Club", operated by "Big Brothers"
  • Through the web site of Amimundo Inc . "PCP On Line"
  • Implemented by parents, guardians or teachers
  • Home visits. Implemented by specialized personel of Amimundo Inc.
  • At office, to a group of 10 children or adolescents, attending by psychologists and counselors of "Friends Of America".

Those responsible for implementing programs, professional or otherwise, must take the training provided for such purposes Amimundo Inc.

Consultation On Line
Parents of affiliates, both those who reside within the territory of the Dominican Republic, and those who live outside, have the opportunity to consult on any undesirable behavior to understand their children.

The partners have the opportunity to do the same when they feel conflicts at home, at school or with friends and neighbors.

Parents, guardians and teachers are responsible for program oversight.

The program cost is $ 50.00, every six (6) months for members living outside the territory of the Dominican Republic and completely free for residents on the island of Santo Domingo.

The exercises and activities are changed monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, depending on the age of each child or adolescent..

Certificates and Awards:
"Friends Of The World" (AMIMUNDO) has instituted the following awards to honor individuals (children or adults) who by their personal development and activities benefiting of the community deserve it.

The Superior Council of the Foundation is the body that unanimously, award:

"Cordon De Las Americas" " will be awarded to those who, through their activities, benefiting the American continent.

"Amigos Del Mundo Cord", Gold Medal: Awarded to those who, through their activities, benefiting their country.

"Amigos Del Mundo Cord", Silver Medal: Awarded to those who, through their activities, benefiting the region as a country.

"Amigos Del Mundo Corde", Bronze Medal: Awarded to those who, through their activities, benefiting their district, section or place.

The Grand Collar Amigos Del Mundo Inc.: Will be given to whom, with their work, benefit mankind.
Residents in the territory of the Dominican Republic only have to fill out the form. IS NOT REQUIRED ANY DONATION. THE PROGRAM IS FREE FOR RESIDENTS ON THE ISLAND OF SANTO DOMINGO.

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