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Undeniably, there are a great proliferation of antisocial behaviors, in a large number of children and youth worldwide. From our point of view, the reasons why they are generated, in the first years of life, are: improper handling of the instincts of children and adolescents, as well as when parents exhibiting misconduct. They do not grow mentally. They grow, only chronologically. In the future will be "children with gray hair."

It is unfortunate that even when they are not solely responsible for their antisocial or psychopathic personality, society, seen in the three training child agencies: the home, school and friends, through ignorance, deform them. More later, the justice system and jail, charge them with very severe penalties, the mistakes made and triggering effects of its misconduct, acquired in the environment.

It may be confusing the behavior of adolescent and psychopath. The teenager is forming. He is not absolutely responsible for their actions. It is necessary to teach them to obey, not force them to obey. The psychopath is unable to love as an adult. The teenager either is not formed.

The psychopath is not formed. Must be cured, rehabilitated. Adolescents is being formed. Must be educated, well formed.

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